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Plug in before the energy crisis leaves you in the dark

Powering up when the power’s down

The long-running loadshedding schedule by South African national service provider Eskom is one of many challenges facing the country’s businesses, from small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to corporates – not to mention the effects of Covid-19 restrictions on the workplace.

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Choosing the correct cloud storage for your workload

There has been a shift in the cloud storage industry and more organizations are realizing the importance of backing up their data and outsourcing the infrastructure setup and maintenance. We recently had a request from one of our clients as they needed a reliable cloud storage service in South Africa.

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IT security from cyberhacking

Whatever the hack, Castlerock’s got your back Cybersecurity is a topic that has been receiving an increasing amount of press and social media coverage over the past few years. There’s good reason for this. According to 2020 data, cybercrime now costs the world economy more than 1 trillion dollars annually (a 50% rise since 2018), […]

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