Is your data’s ‘armour’ as impenetrable as you think?

March 25th, 2022
Is your data’s ‘armour’ as impenetrable as you think?

As mentioned in previous Castlerock newsletters, the Covid era has seen a rapid shift in the way companies manage their day-to-day operations. One of these ‘pivots’ has been the moving of data into cloud-based applications in the assumption that this vital intellectual business property is protected, no matter what. But is it in fact 100% safe?

It might come as a shock to many teams that the answer is no. It should never just be assumed, for example, that your SaaS vendor has a back-up plan in place. Here’s the truth. While the SaaS application is known for always being available and easily accessible from anywhere, a back-up system is indeed necessary.

Why you need a back-up in place

In short, when you use the cloud, it simply means your files are synchronised. By relying on cloud alone, you can’t be assured that you’ll recover what you need in case of an emergency, where your main data source is compromised. To be confident that your data is truly safe, no matter the crisis, you also need to ensure you have SaaS protection.

The risks of not protecting your data sufficiently

  • If there’s an HR issue where you need to refer to past correspondence, you might not be able to retrieve this important data, potentially costing you money (legal fees)
  • You’ll be more vulnerable to cybercrime, such as ransomware and malware attacks
  • Expired user licences might mean you lose vital information/files
  • Application workflows can be misconfigured, resulting in data loss
  • Accidental or even malicious end-user deletion of valuable business information
  • Accidental data overwrites might occur, leading to irretrievable loss.

The pros of SaaS protection

  • Regular back-ups (three times per day) ensure your data is stored in not one, but multiple locations and is consistently protected in increments.
  • Infinite, unlimited data storage of all the different facets of your ecosystem, such as contacts, calendar entries, SharePoint files and Microsoft Teams data. At no additional cost.
  • Back-up on demand can be performed whenever necessary, without affecting the three existing daily scheduled back-ups.
  • Guaranteed shielding from cyber-attacks or the effects thereof.

Getting SaaS-savvy, 1 ,2, 3

Using a leading provider of managed ICT services, such as Castlerock, that’s experienced in hosting, data management and skilled in back-up (as well as providing cloud services and disaster recovery solutions) is the best step to take to ensure your data is indeed 100% safe. Through Castlerock, using our trusted partner Datto (a secure, cloud-based platform) for SaaS protection, you’ll eliminate the risk element of not having this vital security measure in place.

An additional benefit of this additional safety measure is point-in-time back-ups, employing daily snapshots of every single end-user’s data. This enables you to browse through a user’s account whenever the need may arise. What’s more, cybercrime is also covered, so you can avoid data loss, whether from malware or ransomware if a breach does happen. In the unlikely event of a cyber-attack, you’ll be able to restore entire accounts to a designated date/time before the breach occurred.

Stay safe

Contact Castlerock today and we’ll guide you through the process, so you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your data is protected, come hell, high water … or pandemic!