About Castlerock

Castlerock is a leading provider of Managed ICT services. We place a tremendous amount of emphasis on ensuring that our clients are able to focus on their core business, rather than be bogged down or held back by ICT-related challenges. 

We find ourselves in the very fortunate position whereby we’re small enough to be able to offer a personalized service, however we’re large enough to be able to back-up our offering with resources in terms of valuable partnerships (Cisco, Dell, Microsoft, Tier-1 ISPs, Infrastructure specialists, VoIP specialists, office automation specialists), access to services and equipment and, of course, our experienced team of IT professionals.

We are not just another service provider

Technology should be an enabler, not a hindrance. We believe that we understand the importance of business computing, that it is very important to us that our clients succeed and that they have the tools available in order to be able to do so. We consider ourselves to be partners with our clients, rather than just another service provider.

Why choose Castlerock

Castlerock has a decade of experience serving South African businesses in their ICT needs. Our services range from Desktop, Network and Server support through to value-added services in respect of hosting, connectivity, voice, data management and back-up as well as the provisioning of cloud services and disaster recovery solutions. We can provide you with a comprehensive, responsible, fully inclusive and cost-effective bundle of IT services.

We have a proven track record

We serve local organizations and have a well-refined knowledge of "best practices", specifically around what works best within a South African business context.

We have a talented team

We have excellent references and a passion for ICT. This is not "work". We love what we do and it is our desire to forge strong, mutually-beneficial partnerships with our clients.

We're in it for the long term

The majority of our clients that have grown into large businesses started small and started working with us from the beginning. We grow in partnership with our clients.

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