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Welcome to Query Central, our one-stop shop for answers to frequently asked questions. If you're doing early-stage research, or if you still have questions about our software and services, you'll probably find your answer here. But if you still don't learn what you need to know, feel free to contact us. We'll fill in the blanks right away.

Is remote support better than on-site support?

Remote Support will result in you receiving a solution to your technology problem faster than if we were to come on-site and at a reduced cost.

What are your preferred hardware brands?

We prefer working with hardware brands such as Dell, Netgear, Samsung, Canon, HP and Brother, among others.

What does a typical client of Castlerock look like?

Our typical client profile has between 10 and 50 users. The company does not have in-house IT and trusts us to take care of their requirements and advise them regarding their ICT requirements.

What is a typical turnaround time for a technician to arrive at our office?

For SLA clients, we commit to having an engineer on-site within 4 hours of a support call being logged. In reality, however, we're usually a lot quicker than that.

What is the quickest way to log a support call and receive technical assistance?

Send an E-mail to or click on the blue round Support button at the bottom of the page.